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Email the Invoice - via SMTP rather than client.


The current Email Invoice Script calls for the email to be sent via the user's email client.  Is there any reason that the script is not written to send via smtp server? 

While, attempting to edit the script to send via smtp, I'm not seeing the path to reference the current user's email address.  If there is not a valid reason to force a user to utilize an email client, could you point me to the right field.


Also... when sending via smtp, where is the send actually happening; on the filemaker server or the filemaker client?

It would make sense to me if that was happening from the server (and also make my life quite a bit easier).

edit: forgot about the beauty of server side scripts.  This portion is not an issue - however, still curious about the original post.

Melinda DePalma:
The Core² CRM with Invoices was designed around FileMaker 9. Since sending email via smtp server is a new FileMaker 10 feature, we have not yet included this feature in the Core. You can customize the Core to send email via smtp server. Using this method will send the email directly from the FileMaker Pro client on that individual machine. Alternatively you could send email from FileMaker Server on a triggered basis using scheduled script steps.

Think of a blackbox with no interface and also no record if the email was sent or not. This could be desired or undesirable depending on your needs. One disadvantage to consider is that you can only send emails with one email attachment. Using our Outlook and Entourage Manipulators to send mail through your email client you can send emails with multiple attachments. The Outlook and Entourage Manipulator integration scripts are built into the Core for your use!

I hope that helps clarify.


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