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Mac Plug-in Installation


Melinda DePalma:
Please follow these steps to install a FileMaker plug-in on your Mac:

1) Download the latest plug-in from Productive Computing. Make sure that you unzip or unstuff the contents of the download before moving to the next step. Typically this happens automatically by simply opening the folder.

2) Quit FileMaker Pro completely.
3) Locate the plug-in in your download which can be found in a folder called “Plug-in”. The actual plug-in will have a “.fmplugin” extension.

4) Copy the actual plug-in and paste the plug-in in the Extensions folder which is inside the FileMaker Application folder. This is normally located here: Volume/Applications/FileMaker Pro 10/Extensions

5) Start FileMaker. Confirm that the plug-in has been successfully installed by navigating to “Preferences” in FileMaker Pro and selecting the “Plug-ins” Tab.  There you should see the plug-in listed with a corresponding check box. This indicates that you have successfully installed the plug-in.

You will next need to register the plug-in before use.


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