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Pricing and licensing options
« on: May 21, 2009, 10:20:05 AM »
Productive Computing offers the following five different types of licensing and pricing:

Single and multi pack licenses available directly on website

You can save up to a maximum of 20% by signing up as a reseller. If you are ready to become a reseller AND you have made a product purchase at full price please visit in order to fill-out our application.

We offer all non-profit organizations a 10% discount off of our products.

Our NFR License provides the developer with a copy of the plug-in of their choice at 50% off the retail price. The plug-in license is NOT FOR RESALE internal development use only. The discount can be used one time per plug-in! The qualifications are listed below:

-  You must have purchased one of our plug-in products at full retail price.  If you have ordered a product at full price for yourself or your client please provide an order number so that we can verify the purchase.

- You must also be or become a PCI Reseller.  If you are not a PCI Reseller then select the link below to sign-up.

A  Developer Distribution License allows the developer to incorporate a plug-in into a single solution and distribute it freely without location restrictions to purchasers of their solution. The plug-in may be bundled with a FileMaker solution and sold to an unlimited number of users. A requirement is that a separate Developer License is required for each unique FileMaker solution.

For example, if you have developed a FileMaker accounting solution and have a FM Books Connector Developer License, you may bundle the plug-in with that solution and sell it as a 'packaged' solution to an unlimited number of customers. If you have developed more than one FileMaker solution and wish to bundle our plug-in with those solutions also, a separate Developer License is required for each unique solution.

The Developer Distribution License only allows distribution within a predefined solution.  Distribution of the plug-in for custom development that is not a specific packaged solution has to be purchased by the user and is not covered by the Developer Distribution License.