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Core5 Starter Edition Version Now Available


The Core5 Starter Edition is now compatible with FM Books Connector Online Edition server-side plug-in. See below for full version history for this release.

Version History for
- This solution is now compatible with FM Books Connector Online Edition Server-side plug-in
- Added a status field for QuickBooks items to mark as active or inactive
- Added ID_Item_Quickbooks field to Sales Line Items table with a lookup from the related item
- Additional error capturing for invoice integration with QuickBooks
- Resolved an issue where items that were imported from QuickBooks could not be deleted in Core5
- Miscellaneous issues and enhancements
- Updated QuickBooks push scripts to include the Notes in the Statement Memo
- Updated QuickBooks import scripts to pull status  (active or inactive) for items
- Updated all import scripts to delete the existing records and then import all items as new records.

For more information, please visit: To order the FM Books Connector Online server side plug-in with your Core5 CRM call 760-510-1200 or email


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