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registration of Entourage Manipulator plug-in demo not working

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I've downloaded the demo file to make sure that the plug-in will pull multiple categories for each entourage contact into filemaker before I purchase the licenced version.

I've followed the video tutorial and printed tutorial w.r.t registering the plug-in. I've tried a few times (closing filemakerpro each time) and have set the "sharing file" to "on".

Do you have any suggestions?

Perhaps you can tell me if the categories are also pulled into filemakerpro?? If not then I don't need to test the demo. If yes then I'd still like to test the demo ....if not for the categories-pulling feature then just to make sure that the plug-in registration actually works on my mac.

my specs:
OS X 10.6.5
filemakerpro 11 advanced 



Melinda DePalma:
Multiple categories are pulled into FileMaker as shown in the attached screen shot.

If you are having registration issues, then please close FileMaker (in order to reset the 30 minute demo), then open FileMaker and the demo file (to start fresh). Navigate to the Setup tab and let me know the following:

1) What plug-in version do you have installed?
2) What operating mode are you in?
3) What happens when you select the "Register the Plug-in" button? Is an error returned?

Perhaps a screen shot of the entire Setup tab would be helpful so I may better assist.

thanks for the prompt response.
I did what you said but had the same response.
attached is a screen shot of the setup which provides the info you asked for.

thanks very much for the screen shot of the multi categories import. It's great to know multi categories are imported.
by the way are multiple project labels imported too (not as important to me as the categories)?



Melinda DePalma:
Projects and project labels are not supported by the plug-in.

There may be a few reasons why you cannot register and let's explore these options. Please tell me the following:

1) Are the date time and time zone settings of your machine accurate? The registration process is sensitive to date/time so please ensure that your machine settings are accurate to its location.

2) What is your machine name? On a Mac the machine name can be found in “System Preferences” under “Sharing.” This way I can see if your machine is even hitting our registration server and check a few items.

Please let me know.

hi Melinda
many thanks for pursuing this.
further to your questions I've attached screen shots of both the "sharing" settings and also the "time and date" settings as well as one of the extensions folder where I put the plug-in.

the computer name is Graeme's Mac (8)
The time zone appears to be correct (Johannesburg, South Africa .... where I live)

I noticed that the Time & Date / Automatic Settings is set to "Euro". I've tried changing this to US but this didn't help either.



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