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I'm having a problem with the change printer function, even though I've got it set up to not show the printer selection dialog, it's still showing up. Running on a Mac, both 10.6.5 and 10.5.8, FMPro 11v2, PC Change Printer version The thing is, it works just fine in development on a single machine, the printer selection dialog flashes on screen briefly, then it prints. It changes printers properly. But once I put it on the server, the printer dialog comes on screen and doesn't go away until the user hits print. It also doesn't always select the correct printer, and it doesn't reset itself to the default printer after a printer change. I've simplified the scripting down to 2 single lines the function call to select the printer, then the Print script call, and still no use. The only thing I haven't tried so far is changing the function call from a Set Variable to Set Field.
Any ideas, help, suggestions?

Melinda DePalma:
What happens when you test with the demo file on a machine in the multi-user environment? Do the printers change properly using the demo file? This is a good indicator that the plug-in functions are working properly and that the issue is with the scripting/design in your FileMaker file.

We can also have a go-to-meeting if necessary to better debug. Please let me know.

I promised Melinda at Productive Computing that I'd follow up this post with the fix I found ,which is below. I solved this, so I thought, right before Christmas. I converted our system over from FMP6 (yes, that's right) to FMP11 at the first of the year and everything has been working fine. Then, yesterday, out of the blue, the problem cropped back up. I cussed and fumed, then found the ultimate problem I think..... FMP 6 & FMP11 running at the same time, each with their versions of the change printer plugin running. When I originally ran into the problem, we were still working with a live FMP6 solution and testing the FMP11 solution. When I found the fix in December and went live in January, we stopped running the FMP6 files, so no problems. Yesterday, I fired up an old FMP6 file that I had not gotten around to converting so I could spit out a quick mailing label, and THAT'S when the FMP11 change printer plugin started hanging again. As soon as I shut down FMP6 app, it went back to working fine. So moral of the story is.... upgrade faster! :-)


I think I have solved this on my own.... quick recap, I was able to get the demo file to work properly on the server, so I copied and pasted the script step into my solution.... it is working now, but haven't tested it extensively. But the problem appears to be in the switch...

I had tested both of these, and they didn't work:
PCCP_ChangePrinter( GlobalSettings_PrinterQue::User_Contact_PrinterDefault ; "")
PCCP_ChangePrinter( GlobalSettings_PrinterQue::User_Contact_PrinterDefault ; )
Then Print

By putting the literal 0 (zero) in the switch, I think was the problem. I thought the instructions said it could be left blank, but don't have that in front of me right now.... so this worked:
PCCP_ChangePrinter( GlobalSettings_PrinterQue::User_Contact_PrinterDefault ; 0)
Then Print


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