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My client has 2 locations. Each location has its own business and are in different towns. There is no network connecting computers between the businesses.

He has one QB on-line application for combined accounting of the locations. Each location may access the account using the same or different admin accounts. His accountant accesses the QBO directly and his support staff at each location accesses the QBO through my 3rd party application.

This is the line in the multi-session discussion I have a question about:

This session state can be exported from the plug-in
into a FileMaker field, which can then be read by another copy of the plug-in and set as the second
plug-inís session state. This will allow the second plug-in to make further requests on the same
session, simultaneously with the first plug-in.

I have no way (that I can think of) to get the session state from the plug-in on the one machine at the first location to the machine at the other location so that the session can be shared.

Am I reading this correctly? There can be only one session in the QBO application at a time?

Can someone also have a session open in QBO outside of my 3rd party application? I.e., the accountant have a session and the 3rd party application open a session at the same time?

I've begun testing my FM Books Connector Online Application. I just tried to begin a session to the QBO from a Macbook using the 'QBCO_BeginSession' plug-in.

During the automatic authorization (it's a Mac), I got this message:

"Hold On!

Youíll lose the current FM Books Online settings if you connect.

FM Books Online can only be connected to one email at a time, and Jamie
( is already

I did NOT connect.

'' directly opened the QBO, NOT through FM Books Connect. Up to 5 such uses have been connected to the account directly.

Does this mean the app will NEVER be able to connect if one of those 5 is already connected to QBO?


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