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Dash, Apostrophe and Bullet show up as ?


Just starting using Quick books link.  Dash, Apostrophe and Bullet show up as ? in QB. We used 123 sins for last several years and did not have the issue.

QB Link
Windows 7
Type used Ariel plain
Pushing invoice to QB

Francis Sarmiento:
I believe those "?" are showing up because those particular characters may not be supported by XML. Typically, any special reserved characters used by XML are replaced with a similar character by the plug-in. but there are unsupported characters that QuickBooks does not interpret properly. Please check those characters to make sure they're valid ASCII characters. If they're not, you may need to replace them with a valid ASCII character.

I should have mentioned, I am not using these characters in code. The characters are in fields we are sending from FileMaker to QB. We have done this for years using 123 Sinc. Which uses the same plug in. It does not make sense that comma and Dash cannot be used. With this plug in. Maybe 123 Sinc is doing something to covert but I don't see anything int their code.

I did check and Dash and comma, I believe are valid ascii characters.


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