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Adding Invoices Out of Sequence


Hi forum,

I've been asked by a client who is using FM Books Connector whether they are able to pass the invoice number from FM to QB. In other words, to tell QB "use invoice number X". Reading the documents, it seems as this is simply a matter of sending the desired invoice number to QB. No?

If it is that simple, are we able to send the invoice numbers through out of sequence? There are multiple sales staff and invoice #9 might beat invoice #8 into QB. Would that be a problem?


Will Batt:
Yes this is possible.  You can tell QB to use a particular invoice number and order does not matter.  You just need to call PCQB_RaAddFieldWithValue( "RefNumber"; <<your_invoice_number>>).  Just make sure to refer to Intuit's OSR for the proper order where to call this.

Geoffrey Gerhard:
As noted, you can create the Invoices in whatever sequence you want. Like FMP there are reports and views where the creation order determines some or all of the sort order. This means that you might see Invoice# 1001 appearing above Invoice# 1000.

Another thing to keep in mind: If a QB User enters an Invoice manually, its RefNumber will default to the next sequential value. Passing the Invoice Number ( RefNumber ) as part of an InvoiceAdd request, in this situation is almost guaranteed to result in some duplicate Invoice Number values.


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