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Pull from QBO: Terms for one Company and Total from one Invoice


Hi all,

i would like to put in script "QBO - Push Invoice to QB", 2 functionalities:
1.) pull Terms from QBO Customer for chosen Customer, so I can calculate due date based on Invoice date on the fly, and

2.) after pushing Invoice from QBO, I want to pull back from QBO Invoices (Transaction->Sales) Total of just pushed Invoice, and then check if that total from QBO is matched with my total value from FileMaker application (just to be sure that everything is correct, doublecheck).

Can anyone advise?

Thank you in advance!

Jeff Henry:
Hi Veselko,

1) I don't see terms listed under the Customer object in Intuit's API. ( I will have to check with our plug-in developer to see if Terms can be queried through the customer. If possible, I think the best approach would be to query the Customer first using the customer's QB ID. Then once you've determined the Terms, push the invoice.

2) When you push the invoice to QB, using PCQO_RqExecute, follow it by attempted to open the first record using PCQO_RsOpenFirstRecord. Then once you have the invoice open, you can query its total to validate that it is correct. I would highly recommend storing the QB ID for the invoice during this time as well, in the case that you need to modify this invoice later.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you!
You direct me into right way; I solved my problem.

Thank you again!!!


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