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Filter by FilterString for drag and drop from outlook
« on: February 23, 2017, 02:49:02 PM »
In order to "Drag and Drop" individual emails into FileMaker directly, I am using PCEM_FilterbyFilterString, using "Subject" as the valid VBA mail item to search through.  A user drags and drops the Email Subject line or the Email Header into a global field in FileMaker.  I parse out any characters that the restrict method does not allow and also anything text that is not purely in the Outlook subject field.  I use the result in the gFilterField and then effectively use the advanced demo Filter Script.

I have selected the correct folder to search within and most times it is successful at bringing the selected email in and then moving it into an "Archive" folder in Outlook.

I have two errors that occur:
1.  If another email has the same subject, the script brings through the first email it finds.  The work around: I have instructed users to change the email subject line in Outlook and then re-pull it into FileMaker. (its very rare this happens as the emails are constantly moved out of the "Feed" Outlook folder)

2.  The second error is intermittent and is my problem:- the PCEM_FilterbyFilterString function returns null (cannot find an email in the selected folder) just sometimes.  I cannot see any difference in the emails that will and will not "be found".
  -- The email  is in Outlook,  the folder direction is correct, the subject is correct and the parsing is correct --

Has anybody else used this function in a similar way with consistent results?  Or has anybody got a better way of "Dragging and dropping" a single email into FileMaker?
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