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Unable to begin session CODE 1000


Hello all,
I am using begin session with the file name left blank. The first attempt always fails. If I switch to the QuickBooks company file window and then back to Filemaker and run the script again. The connect script subsequently works. I have been unable to find any other fix than switching Windows. I am a frequent user of the plugin and haven't come across this problem before.
Filemaker 12
Plugin version 9.03
Windows 7
QuickBooks Enterprise Edition (Canadian)

Any ideas?

Geoffrey Gerhard:
That's odd. Once upon a time, QB would reject a connection if one of the pop-up messages for products/services was open. Don't know if that's still the case, or even relevant to your situation. There's a checkbox that turns off those message in General/My Preferences.

I seem to remember that one of the "Save..." choices under Desktop View/My Preferences might also contribute to that pop-up reappearing each time QB boots.

Worth noting (but again maybe irrelevant): The Begin Session process may be really slow if the user has a lot of computationally expensive reports that are being redrawn because they were open the last time QB Exited.


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I am getting the same message.  I have attached a screen shot.

I found the problem.  When I opened the DEMO file and clicked the "Install" button again, I got a message saying that I had to install the "FM QB Bridge".  Turns out there is a "FM QB Bridge" installer that comes with the FM Books Installation package.  After running this installer, all worked fine.


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