Author Topic: Problem add appointment in calendar of different Profile  (Read 420 times)


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Problem add appointment in calendar of different Profile
« on: February 15, 2017, 01:10:08 PM »

We got the plugin working with an Outlook 2016 and FileMaker Pro 15. Still we have one problem...
The users have a common e-mailadres like and they use this adres for the agenda.
So in the Setup layout, this profile is set with the profile name.
This e-mailadres is installed in one Profile and the main e-mailadres of the user is in an other profile.
Profile1: Agenda
Profile2: User

When the e-mail of profile2 (Useraccount) is open and we add a appointment in the agenda with FileMaker we get an error [Error: 800706baMessage: The RPC-server is not available]
If We close Outlook and do this action again, the appointment is saved in the Profile1.
The problem is, If we now open the Outlook, It opens again profile 1 for one time, even when we set Profile 2 as standard.
If you close Outlook and open it again, Profile2 is back to standard.
How can we fix this?
Is there a solutions that we share the agenda of and add this to the User profile, so we can import it in the shared agenda?
Is this possible to select the other shared agenda-folder to store the appointment in?

Also if we use just one profile and we add an appointment with the FileMaker and the Outlook is also open, everything works fine.
Just not with 2 Profiles.

With kind regards,

Niels Debie