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VSS Version Now Available


Vessel Service Solutions version is now available. Please see below for full version history for this release.

Version History:
- This solution is now compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12
- This solution is now compatible with FM Books Connector plug-in 32-bit and 64-bit
- This solution is now compatible with FileMaker 15, 32- bit and 64-bit
- This solution is now compatible with QuickBooks 2017 US Version
- VSS is now accessible on iPhones using FileMaker Go.
- Added ability to have multiple tower IDs and assign one ID to each port
- Added ability to dispatch from an iPad
- Added the ability to create a new order on the iPad in the Remote file. No internet connection required
- Added a warning to fuel and maintenance log entries that catches for future dates
- Added a field in the Maintenance Log for personnel
- Added a warning if there are no engine hours in a fuel log
- Added a warning for fuel logs that have conflicting boat hours with other logs in the system
- Updated the fuel log entry for more flexible data entry   
- Added a field on the dispatch form for Insurance Company
- Added a field on the dispatch form for an Insurance Claim Number
- Added a catch to the BoatU.S. Member field to protect against erroneous characters
- Added a Balance Due column to the List view in the Orders module
- Updated the Status field values to: New, Assigned to Capt, Pulled to iPad, Ready to Process, Reviewed, and Paid
- Added the ability to batch push orders to QuickBooks
- Added a button to mark an order as reviewed. Reviewed orders are available to be pushed to QuickBooks in a batch push
- Added an icon to push a single invoice to QuickBooks
- Added icons to indicate QuickBooks status in both list and form view. A red icon means the invoice is not in QuickBooks,  an orange icon means it has been modified since being pushed to QuickBooks and needs to be re-pushed, and a green icon means the invoice has been pushed to QuickBooks and is up-to-date
- Added an error message to the remote file with instructions on how to resolve a "connection lost" issue.
- Added a warning if you are pulling a report that spans more than three months
- Added the option to sub-summarize reports by month
- Added the option to "Print All" when pulling a Time Sheet by Individual" report
- Added the ability to automatically create a timer entry when submitting an order from the Remote file to the Central dispatch file
- Resolved an issue where the customer in QuickBooks was showing the first name in both the first and last name fields in the individual record
- Resolved a bug where the Pull Emails script would get stuck in the processing state
- Miscellaneous issues, enhancements, and bug fixes

For more information on this release, please visit or call 760-510-1200.


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