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Employee list, "Use Time Data To Create Paychecks"


I am trying to pull data from the UseTimeDataToCreatePaychecks field in QB.
The script step:
Set FileMaker field

Data exists in QB but the FileMaker field is empty.

Also tried:

Again the FileMaker fields are empty :{

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Geoffrey Gerhard:
I've never run a query for these values, but it appears the latter could be blank in QB. Are you sure the targeted Employee record has values in both fields?

If so, check whether these nodes are being returned in the Response. After you've executed the EmployeeQueryRq, use this...

PCQB_SGetXML( "Response" ; "" ) get the XML of the full QB Response. If you're unsure how to read it, post it here.


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Looking at the XML there was no data for “UseTimeDataToCreatePayChecks”. Apparently, if the QuickBooks setting “Allow this application to accept Social Insurance Numbers..” box is not checked, the employee payroll data is not included in the XML that is returned.
Geoffrey, thanks for your help!

Geoffrey Gerhard:
Thanks for sharing what you learned. Curious if you're connecting to a UK (or other "non-US") version of QB...?


I am using the Canadian version


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