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Add a deposit from a group of payments


I'm having trouble adding a group of payments to a single deposit from undeposited funds. I've created payments in QB, collected the TxnID and saved it to a field in FM. Now I'm attempting to make a deposit to the bank account from multiple payments. I've tried using DepositAdd and then DepositLineAdd:PaymentTxnID.  It works if I make a deposit with only payment, but fails with multiple payments.  Can anyone help?

Geoffrey Gerhard:
The DepositLineAdd is a node that can repeat, but I don't see that you've called the PCQB_RqAddRelatedRecord function necessary to create the structure. I believe the problem will be resolved by adding the PCQB_RqAddRelatedRecord and PCQB_RqCloseRelatedRecord functions to your script. These can be separate Set Field steps, or concatenated in the existing Set Variable at line 34 like this...

PCQB_RqAddRelatedRecord ("DepositLineAdd" ; "" ; "" ) &
PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue ( "PaymentTxnLineID" ; $bp.p... ; "" ) &

...which will set the $$result value to 000 when successful.


Geoffrey Gerhard
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Aha! It works now. Thanks for your help!



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