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Scott Toland:

I am trying to create a journal entry in QBOnline.

I keep getting various errors, but the current error is:
:  Error setting the field data

CODE: -990

SEVERITY: Exception

MESSAGE: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

SOURCE: FMBooksOnline.fmx

I have attached a screen capture of some of the script.  Any clues as to what is the issue?

I am also wanting to assign this to a customer, where would I put 'CustomerRef' in this script.

Thanks for any help!


Geoffrey Gerhard:
Are any of the referenced fields null/empty?

Scott Toland:
One thing I failed to say in my original post is that the error comes when the 'AccountRef' is being set.  I run the debugger and it happens on both of the 'AccountRef'.

These are hard coded with the value so they are not empty.  As for the others they have values as well.

Thanks for the help.


Geoffrey Gerhard:
Have you done a query to confirm that 540 and 58 are valid Account ID values?

Scott Toland:
Yes, I retrieved those numbers from QB.  I just got a list of all the Chart of Accounts and the numbers associated with each account.


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