Author Topic: (answered) eSign plugin "PCES_LCD8SigCapt.fmx" causes Filemaker app error  (Read 549 times)


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Win 7 Pro SP1
Filemaker Pro v.14.0.6
eSign plugin v.
valid licence for everything
Has been running smoothly until this morning.

situation : Filemaker will not start with eSign plugin installed. Giving error 0cx00000409, faulty plugin module c:\<path>\PCES_LCD8SigCapt.fmx

If the plugin is renamed .old for example, Filemaker starts.

Have tried :
reinstalling Topaz SigPlus.
reinstalling eSign plugin thru PCES_Demo.fmp12 file.
Repaired Filemaker. Also uninstalled / reinstalled Filemaker.
No improvement...

Any ideas ??

xml debug file available if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Michel Morel
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I'm sure you received our email, but for anyone else experiencing this issue, you will need to clear our the plug-in registration certificate.
To clear the plug-in registration certificate, do these steps:

1)   Exit your FileMaker application
2)   Go to: C:\Users\<< your user name>>\AppData\Local\PCINC
3)   Delete any folders listed in this location.
4)   Open the demo file and try registering the plug-in

If you need further assistance, please let us know.


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yes, exactly. It's working now.
Thanks you very much for the quick and effective answer.