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Bernard De Jonghe

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Synchronizing multiple root folders
« on: December 25, 2016, 12:21:49 AM »
I built an Outlook / Filemaker Synchronization system, that runs on a virtual machine.  In the beginning there was just one root folder to synchronize, but now I've added a second root folder.
I also adapted all the scripts so that they can perform the synchronization for the 2 root folders. 

The outlook profile and the first rootfolder have the same credentials.
Te second root folder has other credentials that are given in, and the password has to be changed every 3 months
Outlook starts OK and nicely synchronizes the two root folders with the respective Exchange servers.

Then Filemaker starts its synchronizatoin scripts:
For the first root folder the scripts do their job as foreseen.
But for he second root folder that was added, I see a different behaviour on different levels:
- the PCEM_FilterByModified function does not work as expected.  I have over 400 emails in the inbox of the second rootfolder, and by using this filter with a time stamp that is well before the date of the first email, only a part of the emails are selected.
- The mails in the deleted items folder are all found, but when it comes to PCEM_EmptyAllDeletedItems, nothing happens.

What can be the cause here that on the first (initial) root folder everything works fine, and that for the second root folder things are going wrong?
Is it possible that exchange settings prevent us from performing certain actions on a root folder?

I must say that the second root folder is a mailbox with a multinational company, whereas the initial root folder is my personal account.
May be the exchange administrator of the big company built in some restrictions???
I thought that once everything is in Outlook, we can do pretty much what we want with the outlook manipulator. 

Has anyone hat the same problem?

Our system:
Windows: 8.1 Entr. running as a virtual machine on our physical server.
Outlook 2013 (15.0.4875.1000 - 32 Bit)
Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 (

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bernard De Jonghe

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Re: Synchronizing multiple root folders
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2016, 03:44:40 AM »
I did some additional testing and found out that:

in following case:
Profile: Outlook1
   - Mailbox1
   - Mailbox2
All functions performed on Mailbox1 work as expected.
For Mailbox2, the PCEM_OpenRootFolder (Mailbox2) and PCEM_OpenFolder (Folder) functions both give "0" as a result (no error).
If however I execute the function PCEM_EmptyAllDeletedItems I get "0" as a result but nothing happens.

To be sure it has nothing to do with eventual restrictions on Mailbox2, I created the following case (each mailbox in a separate profile):

Profile: Outlook1
   - Mailbox1
Profile: Outlook2
   - Mailbox2

If now I do the same, PCEM_Authenticate (Profile Outlook2) , the PCEM_OpenRootFolder (Mailbox2) and PCEM_OpenFolder (Folder) functions all three give "0" as a result (no error).
If then I execute the function PCEM_EmptyAllDeletedItems I get "0" as a result and my deleted items folder in mailbox2 is emptied.  So this works.

Conclusion for now:
In a given profile, the PCEM Functions work well on the primary mailbox, but seems to have a problem to work correctly on other mailboxes.

Am I missing something here?
Can someone clarify this?