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intermittent error 3170 on first transaction in a batch



I'm running a daily batch that syncs customers, invoices, and generates a bunch of journal entries; payments; and refunds.

I'm getting Error 3170 intermittently (ie it happens maybe once every 3-4 days. An example:

CODE: 3170
MESSAGE: There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element "80000565-1476079010".  QuickBooks error message: This list has been modified by another user.

The batch checks and logs a few details


these always go through fine.

And then it fails with error 3170 on the very FIRST customer sync record (always a CustomerMod because the batch updates (or adds) the customer before pushing any transactions for that customer)

 -- it only ever happens on the very FIRST record it tries to sync; it has never happened mid-way through the the batch.
 -- it happens even when nobody else is logged into quickbooks. (And I am not using quickbooks at all on the PC running the batch at the time the batch is running.)
 -- if i wait a few seconds after the error (e.g. as soon as I notice the batch terminated with the error) and try running it again, it has always worked; i haven't changed or done anything
 -- it happens in v8.0.0.0 and v9.0.0.3

It "feels" like something *else* other than what the error is reporting is going on; like the session isn't really ready to start using or something. There is a known issue the dev guide about adding pauses but it applies to FM 13 (I'm running FM 15) *and* it applies to when the QB company file is closed. I have QB open with the company file open. AND I'm not getting the error message thrown by PCQB_BeginSession as described. So that shouldn't be it.

Geoffrey Gerhard:
Are you passing any parameters in the PCQB_BeginSession call? In my experience, passing the CompanyFile parameter slows the connection process even whether or not the QB Company file is already open.


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I'm just calling:

PCQB_BeginSession( "";"")

So it should only connect to the already open file.
Also, I tried adding some pauses bracketing the begin-session but that didn't help; I got a 3170 error today when I tried running the batch. Second attempt ran fine.


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