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PCQB_EndSession -- bug in FMBooks 9?

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ForeSight IS:
I realize this is an old post but I am having the same issue and don't see that there was ever a solution found, I'm hoping in the past year someone has figure this out???

I have written a script that creates invoices in QB Pro 2016, it takes a set of records that contain the data for invoice line items for multiple clients sorted by the clients QB ID number and creates an invoice for each client. Almost every time I run the script it will process around 40 items (slowly) and then stop producing the error below, I can restart it and it will run at a faster pace and finish the remaining 50 or more items without error. It Usually skips a client (skipping 2 to 30 items all for the same client) when it fails but if I include those missed items in the remaining records it will process them the second time without error. It has run through the items without stopping and there are always between 80 and 120 (roughly) invoice items to be processed. It never produces the error twice in a row but I do need to reboot the machine to get it to close out QB and allow my bookkeeper to login to QB if it stops even after running it again and finishing the unprocessed items.

I am running FM Pro 15 with V9 plug-in but it started when I was running FM 14 with V8 plug-in.

Thanks in advance!!

ForeSight IS:
I forgot to post the error...

Error Connecting to QuickBooks Company file:
CODE: -2147417851
SEVERITY: Exception
MESSAGE: Message:The server threw an exception.Source:(null)Desc:(null)

Geoffrey Gerhard:

--- Quote from: ForeSight IS on August 29, 2017, 02:40:17 PM ---I am running FM Pro 15 with V9 plug-in but it started when I was running FM 14 with V8 plug-in.

--- End quote ---

Are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of FMP and plug-in?

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