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Looking to pull all calendars for all users


I have a need to pull all calendar items for a date range for all my users.  There are about 12-14 users.

Any ideas on how to get everybody's calendar?

I tried setting the authentication to another users calendar and it always defaulted to mine.

When I go to authenticate my account, it lists another account I have permissions to send on behalf of.  To make this work should I give myself privileges to everyone's exchange account?  Then it can select which one to use, download those items, move those items to a holding table then move on to the next user?

I tested it with one user and it worked as I would expect, what are my downsides to this, I know there must be some but I am at a loss as to what they are.  Has anyone else tried this.  It seems to work as I would have hoped.  When things work too easily there is usually a downside.  Or is this the right way to do it?


I have been playing with this and it seems to be what I am looking for and gives me the answers I need.

However, not being an exchange expert, what are the downsides of me have full permissions on everyone's account (albeit only 12 of them).  Outside of the security issues, are there performance/data integrity issues I need to be aware of when setting myself up as having full permissions?

Just don't want to bring the exchange server down while doing this.

Francis Sarmiento:
Hi Rob,

I don't think there should be any big downsides. The initial pull might take the longest, but it really depends on how much data you will end up pulling in. There are a few workarounds if you wanted to limit the amount of data to pull, such as setting a range or filtering the items by using the "FilterByFilterString" function and setting a start and/or end date.

Hope this helps!

Yes I am going to limit it to a month at a time. 

I dropped off the the Forum for a couple weeks to get some other things done.

I am going to work on it today.

Thanks for your feed back.



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