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FM Books Connector Online Edition Version Now Available


FM Books Connector Online Edition for Windows is now available.

Please see below for the full version history for this release:
- This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 12-14 and Windows® 7/8/10 and may work with earlier versions. Please note, Intuit's QuickBooks Online is not supported by the Microsoft EDGE browser
- Added a new parameter for “PCQO_BeginSession” called “optUseSandbox”; setting this value to True or 1 will allow the plug-in to connect to a QuickBooks Online Sandbox company. Note: The developer must have access to a QuickBooks Online sandbox company provided by Intuit with an Intuit Developer account. Please see the following site for information about sandbox companies:
- Updated scripting to allow for Intuit’s new Item Hierarchy enhancement. Companies with categories enabled will be able to view Category items as “Category” and not as “Service” items. Companies without categories enabled will behave as normal
- Updated Demo user interface
- Updated Developer’s Guide

For more information and to download a product demo, please visit


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