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Author Topic: Need to indicate priority or criticalness of required maintenances?  (Read 778 times)


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The best way to handle priorities/ criticalness when it concerns required maintenances is to add that information to the Maintenance Type or the Maintenance Notes when adding or editing a Schedule Log (Instructions below)

Creating a New Maintenance Schedule:
1.   Navigate to the Maintenance module > Maintenance Schedule tab.
2.   Click New Schedule Log.
3.   Assign a boat.
4.   Select a Maintenance Type.
      a.   If you intend to indicate the priority of a service in the Maintenance Type you can click Edit from the drop-down options. This will bring up a value list—you can add the service and the value you use to indicate priority. For Example- 1,2,3 or Critical, ASAP, or At Next Service. So the Maintenance Type may read "Oil Change – 1" or "Oil Change – Critical".
      b.   Adding the priority level to the Maintenance Type will ensure that anyone who receives a service warning upon entering a fuel log, will be aware of the importance of the required maintenance. A service warning will only appear if the engine hours entered in the fuel log exceed the engine hours for the next required maintenance in the Maintenance Schedule. The Service Warning will read like this: “The following maintenance tasks are due for BOAT NAME. Please check the schedule log for more details. Oil Change – 1”.
5.   Set Perform Every (Hrs) interval.
6.   Enter Maintenance Notes—this is another field you can utilize to indicate priority of maintenance.
a.   Placing the priority information in the maintenance notes allows for longer entries/ explanations.
b.   This information will not appear on the service warning, but can be viewed in the Maintenance Schedule tab.
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