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VSS Version Now Available


Vessel Service Solutions is now available.

See below for full version history:

- Added the ability to pull a report for a Found Set of records
- Added the ability to print current order or found set of orders to the file menu
- Added latitude and longitude fields to print layout/ PDF export
- Added the ability to mark time sheets as paid in the Time Sheets module
- Added a popover calendar to all date fields
- Added the ability to set an employee as Active or Inactive in the Personnel tab
- Added the ability to access the FileMaker Go Launch Center when on the Orders screen in the Remote file
- Added scripting to default to the last record in the Orders module when opening the Central file
- Enhanced the maintenance schedule updating to avoid long delays
- Fixed an issue where hitting Next on the Orders screen in the Remote file highlighted the field, but did not allow for data entry until the user tapped into the field
-  Resolved an issue where mapped coordinates were slightly inaccurate
- Resolved an issue with maintenance progress bar calculating backwards
- Resolved an issue where schedules were updating incorrectly when a new service was added
- Resolved an issue where editing a Maintenance Schedule would reset the next scheduled maintenance interval and return the progress bar to 0%
- Resolved an issue where viewing a filtered set of fuel logs in list view was including logs outside of the filtered set
- Resolved an issue that inhibited the user from choosing a towboat in the Remote file
- Resolved issue in the Remote file where Services/Items calculations were not adding up
- Restricted deletion of boats and personnel to prevent errors in reporting
- Redesigned the Preview window for reports
- Updated Average Fuel Consumption calculation to reflect gallons per hour
- Updated the pay options on Time Entries to allow for rate per unit charges and commission calculations
- Updated mapping API
- Updated all time fields to military time
- Miscellaneous issues and enhancements to the Remote file, reports, and the Central file

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