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Adding or Editing Items/ Services in VSS


The ability to the update the VSS Items (services) list is determined by a setting in Preferences and whether or not you are using QuickBooks. Please review the following if you need to add an item, update an item name, description, or price.

QuickBooks Users
If you are using QuickBooks with VSS you cannot add or edit items in VSS.  Since VSS is linking to QuickBooks, the list of items and all the items’ details must match exactly.  If they do not match, invoices may not properly push to QuickBooks or may return errors when trying to push an invoice.  All updates to items must be done in QuickBooks.  Once you have updated the items within QuickBooks, go to VSS Preferences > Items tab and click “Pull Items from QB”.  This will update your items list in VSS. 

Non-QuickBooks Users
If you are NOT using QuickBooks, please ensure that your QuickBooks preference is turned off.  Go to VSS Preferences > QuickBooks tab and uncheck the option for “Check if you intend to use QuickBooks with VSS”.  You will then have the ability to add and edit your list of items.  To make changes, go to VSS Preferences > Items tab and click the button “New Item” to add items, or click on the pencil icon to edit an existing item.


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