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Setting the "Task Completed Date" field in mail


Bernard De Jonghe:
One of the available mail fields is "Task Completed Date" as mentioned in the Functions Guide.
This field can be Get/Set.

Now I would like to set this field based on changes in Filemaker.
So in my script I have following steps:

set variable [$Result; PCEM_OpenFolder ("/Inbox")]   -->  Returns 0, so this is OK
set variable [$Result; PCEM_OpenRecord (Mail::Outlook_ID)]   -->  Returns 0, so this is OK
set variable [$Result; PCEM_SetFieldData ("Task Completed Date": Mail::Task_Completed_Date )]   -->  Returns !!ERROR!!
set field [Mail::Outlook_ID; PCEM_SaveRecord ("DontSend")]   -->  Returns the OutlookID for storage, so this is OK.

The field Mail::Task_Completed_Date holds a date in the dd/mm/yyy format (I'm in Continental Europe).

Why do I get an error when trying to set the "Task Completed Date" field ?  Do I miss something?



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