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How to create exceptions?


Bruce Jacobs:
I'm stumped trying to create exceptions for a recurrence pattern.

I've tried "OpenFirstException" after creating the recurrence pattern, but it returns "end" since there aren't any exceptions.

So I need to know what command to issue to create the first and next exceptions, and what field to populate with the date of the exception.

Bruce Jacobs:
I'm a bit further along, now realizing it's likely not opening an exception and a field that needs to be populated - instead use of the "PCEM_RPOpenOccurrence( Date)" or "PCEM_RPDeleteOccurrence( Date)"

But when I try either function, with the record open, with or without the recurrence pattern open, I get an error that says the occurrence doesn't exist. I'm figuring I should restate the question "How to delete an occurrence of a repeating pattern?"


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