Author Topic: Mail fields Conversation Index and Conversaton Topic  (Read 805 times)

Bernard De Jonghe

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Mail fields Conversation Index and Conversaton Topic
« on: February 02, 2016, 03:54:50 AM »
If I have an incoming mail and I forward it to someone else I can retrieve the Conversation Index and the Conversatoin Topic of the sent mail.
If I take the same incoming mail and I reply to this mail I can also retrieve the same two fields.

It appears now that for both sent mails the Conversation Index is different, and the Conversation Topic is identical.

What is the logic behind this? 

In fact the point is that linking mails based on an identical Conversation Topic is not completely reliable. 
Mainy different mail chains start with the same subject (because people are not specific enough in choosing the subject of a mail), so also have the same Conversaton Topic. 
So if the Conversaion Topic is used, all these mails link together, although they belong to different conversations.

What is the best strategy to keep messages from a same conversation grouped?