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Bernard De Jonghe:
FM Server 14, several FM Pro and Advanced version 14
Outlook Manipulator version 7
Operating system: Win Server 2012R2 and workstations in Win 8.1 Enterprise

If you synchronize data between Outlook and Filemaker, it is good for data integrity reasons to store the Outlook-ID in in Filemaker, and to store the Filemaker primary key (in my case I use a UUID) in Outlook.  To store this primary key in Outlook, one must create a custom field in Outlook.  I did this in Outlook using the View Settings dialog and called my new field "FMID", defined as a text field. I also see my newly created field in Outlook.  By the way, I made it editable.
Then I included in my script the following code:

Set Variable [$Result; Value: PCEM_SetCustomFieldData("FMID"; Mail::UUID; "Text")]
Set Variable [$Result; Value: PCEM_SaveRecord( "DontSend")]

When I go to the record in Outlook to check if the Mail::UUID has been transfered, I don't see anything.

I'm probably missing something, but I don't see what.
Can someone put me on the right track, please?

Thank you.

Bernard De Jonghe:
I've given this another try after reading carefully the manuals.
In fact it is recommended, each time before transferring data to a custom field, to execute the PCEM_CreateCustomField function.
So I tested this and came to the following conclusion:

Set Variable [$Result; Value: PCEM_CreateCustomField ("FMUUID"; "Text")]    ---> $Result = 0
Set Variable [$Result; Value: PCEM_SetCustomFieldData ("FMUUID"; Mail::UUID; "Text")]    ---> $Result = !!ERROR!!

I definetely cannot get this to work. :( 
Can someone come with help on this one? 

Thank you.


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