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Thanks Bernard,

Really appreciate time you spent in writing the reply, i will definitely have a go at this one. Currently, customer has agreed to do a 2 step process. dropping the email / attachment to File System and then do another drag-drop onto the container field.

Is there a way to restrict emails coming into the filemaker or you have to download all emails / attachments into filemaker. In my case, may be we need selected emails / attachments to be saved with record.


Bernard De Jonghe:
Sorry for answering late.

To answer your question:
I actually synchronize the complete Inbox and the Sent Items with the filemaker database.

If in Outlook I move a message from the Inbox into the deleted items, my script takes the items in this deleted items folder one by one, and tries to delete them from the filemaker database. 
If this is done, the deleted items folder is emptied with the function PCEM_EmptyAllDeteledItems.
If in Filemaker I mark a message (already in the database) for deletion, the script moves it to the deleted items folder in Outlook and deletes it from Filemaker.

I'm currently in the process of testing and launching all my scripts to do all this. 
If everything works fine, I'll be glad to share my experience with others.  I need a little more time to get there  :)

I'll keep up informing in this forum.



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