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How to push a new file folder path from FMP to Outlook


Hi there,

First time poster, first time user of Outlook Manipulator.  I work in the Architecture/Construction industry, and had previously used Newforma, which you can link multiple emails (and other files) to a specific Action Item/Issue/Task.  I switched jobs, and have had to do with that feature  :-[ ...that is, until i found Outlook Manipulator (fingers crossed). 

First obstacle: in Outlook Mail you can create folder trees within your inbox to organize your emails.  I'd like to use a series of organizational fields (Project, Phase, Division, Section, Issue) in FMP and then calc them to create a new folder path, and push that from FMP into Outlook.  I want to create a new folder in Outlook from FMP, without having to leave FMP.  Any ideas?     

Joshua Palmer:
Hi James,

If you peruse the functions guide for Outlook Manipulator, there is a function PCEM_NewFolder(Name; Type) (pg. 21), that allows you to add a folder to Outlook from within FMP. Call that function from a calculation in a script to add a folder to the currently opened folder in Outlook. With a little bit of scripting, that should accomplish your goal.

Functions Guide:


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