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Author Topic: VSS Version Now Available  (Read 794 times)


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VSS Version Now Available
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:51:56 PM »

Check out what is new at:

See below for full version history:

 - Greatly enhanced the user interface for the desktop and iPad screens
 - Added ability to edit drop down lists and added ability for remote users to import the lists
 - Added Fuel Log for tracking fueling dates, location, engine hours, and cost
 - Added Maintenance Log module to record boat maintenance and costs
 - Added Maintenance Schedule for creating and tracking maintenance progress based on engine hours
 - Added Time Sheets module for personnel time tracking with rate and total hour calculations
 - Added Reports module for generating PDF and Excel reports for Orders, Boats and Personnel
 - Added Boats module for tracking your active boats and engine hours
 - Added ability to specify ports for orders
 - Added ability to import non-member emails from BoatUS
 - Added New Blank Order button to allow users to quickly generate a new manual order
 - Added ability for remote users to enter fuel logs, maintenance logs and time sheets from an iPad (Internet Connection required)
 - Added ability to assign security privileges, set up access credentials, and restrict usage to system by employee roles
 - Added map generation using Google Maps API to display latitude and longitude coordinates of an order
 - Updated the Personnel module to allow users to enter employee contact information, assign various roles, and manage hourly rates
 - Updated the signature capture in the remote file using FileMaker Go
 - Updated the Orders list view to include Type of Service
 - Updated width and size of fields to allow for additional information to be entered
 - Updated Orders layout to include Status fields for various activities per order
 - Updated Terms and Conditions in remote file to allow users to view in a larger font
 - Resolved an issue where an order would immediately require the assignment of a captain upon viewing order
 - Resolved issue where time stamp for pulled emails would not appear
 - Resolved issue where the some fields would automatically select all text when clicked
 - Resolved issue some time fields would not import from BoatUS emails
 - Resolved issue where deleting an item from an order would not remove all data
 - Removed tax field from Orders
 - Miscellaneous updates, enhancements and improved user experience with the central and remote files
 - Miscellaneous updates to various layouts for FileMaker 14 and FileMaker Go 14
 - This solution is verified compatible with Windows® 7/8/10, Mac 10.9-10.11 and may work with earlier versions
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