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Can I void/delete an invoice thought PCQO command?


I try to void/delete an invoice follow the document instruction, but failed. I want to know it is support to void/delete an invoice thought PCQO command?
any answers will appreciate.

I realize this is an old post, but I'm researching this same issue and wonder if anyone has found a workaround.

The FM BooksConnectorOnline Developer's Guide says this on page 27...
"Not all operations are supported; for example, “Send an invoice”, “Get an invoice as PDF”, and “Void an invoice” in the example above are not fully supported by the FM Books Connector Online plug-in."

haiou: what document instruction are you referring to?  Is it the Intuit invoice object reference, where they explain how to do a "Void an Invoice" operation?  If so, this appears to be a REST call, which would not be done using the plugin.  I guess this approach could be used, but it would appear to need separate user authorization.

Or is there some other way to void an invoice?


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