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Comparing outlook ID's


Bernard De Jonghe:
I have been observing a strange thing:
If I read out (PCEM_GetFirstRecord) an Outlook ID in a variable $OutlookID and if I use this variable to search for the corresponding record in Filemaker I do a "Perform Find" script step where the search flied is Contacts::Outlook_ID and the argument is $OutlookID.

Both values are very long strings in text format.

This search does not work, because filemaker selects all the contacts records that have a Outlook_ID. 
Normally only one record should be found.

I found a work around (temporary ?) by only taking the last 20 characters of $OutlookID in the variable and let preceed it by a *.
When I use this string in the perform find script step, it works.

But I don't feel confortable with it. 

Did someone else already see this behaviour, and is there another more reliable solution to this?


Paul Dacanay:
You can use the entire string value, if you make your query "exact" by inserting two equal symbols to the beginning of your search criteria.

For example:


This should provide a find that isolates the specific record you are searching for. Try this and let us know how it works for you.

Thank you for using our plug-in!

Bernard De Jonghe:
This was the right answer.  Works perfectly.
Thanks for your help.


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