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Any suggestions would be welcome on filtering emails so that only the ones that have NOT BEEN downloaded will come in.

I am trying to alter the Beginner's script to do this.


Paul Dacanay:
During the pull script, the plug-in functions "PCEM_GetFirstRecord" and "PCEM_GetNextRecord" will get the Outlook ID value for each email. You could "filter" for emails that have not yet been pulled into your FileMaker solution by comparing the unique Outlook ID against the stored value for previously pulled email records within your database. You could accomplish this by setting a field with the acquired Outlook ID, and using a relationship that compares that ID against stored IDs in your solution.

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Thanks for your reply.  My database has 169,718 emails  (pulled from IMPAP account)

I was hoping to use the PCEM FilterByLastModified function thinking it would be quicker.  What do you think ?

Paul Dacanay:
The "PCEM FilterByLastModified" would also work. Be sure use a FileMaker timestamp as a parameter, since the plug-in will convert it into the Outlook format for you.

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