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Stumped by Exceptions


Bruce Jacobs:
I have appointments themselves figured out, even the labyrinth of recurring patterns.

But when a pattern has exceptions, I'm stumped how to extract what I presume will be a list of dates to be excluded from the calculated pattern. I try looping through the exceptions as shown in the attachment, figuring the "Start" field might contain the date to be excluded, but only get an error. The openfirstexception and opennextexception functions work just fine, without any return of error.

Paul Dacanay:
Hi Bruce-

The “Recurrence Pattern” fields are not included within the demo file, but the plug-in does have access to those values from Outlook. See page 43 of the Functions Guide here for details:

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Bruce Jacobs:
I had already tried that, but none of those fields returned a value after opening an exception.

Then, I called support and had a happy encounter after it was escalated to the developer. After screen sharing, he determined that the exception field name had not been documented.

The single field for an exception is "Original Date"

Works like a champ.


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