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FMPA 14.0.2 crashes with Outlook Manipulator


Bernard De Jonghe:

We used OM v with FMPA 13 without problems.
We upgraded FMPA to v14.0.2, which is the latest update from Filemaker. 
We removed manually the OM plug in from old FMPA 13 locations (legacy old and new were checked), and started the Demo from the plug to install the plug in on the proper location to be used with FMPA 14.

This location is C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro Advanced\14.0\Extensions

After doing this, the demo should normaly see the plug in and populate the field "Plug-in Version" and the "Operating Mode".
This however doens not happen, and the two initial question marks remain.

Stopping Filemaker, and checking the presence of the plug in on the proper location shows that the plug in is indeed installed on the location mentioned above, but it is also installed one level deeper, which is:

C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro Advanced\14.0\Extensions\Saved

Is this normal?

When I restart filemaker it crashes, telling me that it has stopped working.
Removing the plug in from the locations above resolves the start up of FMPA 14, but of of course the plug in fails to register because it is not installed.

In the preferences of FMPA 14, the check box "Allow Solutions to install Files" is checked.

Does anyone have a clue what the problem could be?


hi Bernard,

I have the same problem, but am only using the trial plugin at the mo. Hopefully it gets sorted out as at the moment, not much use buying it!


Hi All,

Since posting about this, Productive have got back to me lightning fast and here's the solution...


Try removing the registration certificate. You’ll need exit the FileMaker application before doing this.

Here is the path:

C:\Users\<user name here>\AppData\Local\PCINC

Remove/delete the folder that correlates to the Exchange Manipulator plug-in.

Then, re-open the demo file and try installing the plug-in again.


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