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Plug-in Registration
« on: May 21, 2009, 11:03:32 AM »
Please follow these steps to register the plug-in which enables all plug-in functions:

1) Confirm that the date/time/time zone settings of your local machine are accurate as the registration process is date/time sensitive.

2) Confirm that you have access to the internet. Open the FileMaker demo file, which can be found the in “FileMaker Demo File” folder in your original download.

3) Determine if you are registering a Demo or Licensed plug-in. If registering a licensed copy then you should have received a license code from Productive Computing.

If you are registering the plug-in in Demo mode, then simply select the “Register the Plug-in” button and do not change any of the fields. If you are registering a licensed copy, then enter your license number in the “LicenseID” field and select the “Register the Plug-in” button.

4) Confirm that you have successfully registered by obtaining your plug-in operating mode. This can be achieved by calling the GetOperatingMode function or by looking on the setup tab of the FileMaker demo file. You should now be running in "DEMO" or “LIVE” mode depending on if you registered a demo or licensed copy.

Please note that once you have registered a licensed copy of the plug-in then the plug-in splash screen will no longer appear upon start up of FileMaker.
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