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Author Topic: New Core4 Version Now Available  (Read 3512 times)


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New Core4 Version Now Available
« on: August 18, 2015, 04:01:19 PM »

Core4 Version is now available for FileMaker 14.

Check out what is new at!

See below for full version history:
- Updated minimum system requirements to FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Server 14
- Deprecated FM Credit Card plug-in integration and functionality
- Added column for Company in Activities Module
- Added ability to set unique Default Opening Module for each user
- Resolved issue where Estimates list view would return the form view
- Resolved issue where revised or duplicated Estimates returned inconsistent Estimate numbers, items and totals
- Resolved issue where a blank PO would be create when trying to cancel a new PO 
- Resolved issue where company names imported incorrectly as individual names in FileMaker from QuickBooks using FM Books Connector 
- Resolved issue where sending an email in Estimates, Opportunities, Orders, Invoices and POs to a found set of contacts would only send to one person
- Resolved issue where the Subject or Title did not populate for Email, Tasks and Events when importing from Outlook via Outlook Manipulator
- Resolved an issue with the import mail script from the Activities module using Outlook Manipulator
- Resolved issue where Activities could not be re-imported to Core4 via Outlook Manipulator
- Reformatted imported HTML emails to appear as plain text when using Outlook Manipulator
- Updated Documents module to ensure users can navigate back to any related modules
- Added a Documents tab to the following modules:  Estimates, Orders, Invoices and POs
- Updated selected reports to improve the speed for large found sets of data
- Updated user account security to require password confirmation when creating new accounts
- Updated login error message to inform user if username or password were incorrect
- Updated WebDirect status bar to allow for users to select the list view
- Miscellaneous updates to various layouts for FileMaker 14, WebDirect and FileMaker Go 14
- Miscellaneous updates, enhancements and improvement to user experience

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