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Rachel Castillo:
Core4 CRM Version is now available with the following updates:

- Full redesign of user interface for the desktop, iPad and WebDirect layouts
- Updated Contacts module to ensure title information displayed correctly for linked contacts
- Updated Contacts module to add the Company field to list view
- Resolved an indexing issue when searching for contacts in various windows
- Resolved an issue where exported Vcards were not sending the internet address or non-primary phone numbers 
- Updated the batch import process to add the work address, work phone and website to the company record of linked contacts and greatly improve processing speed.
- Updated and enhanced the merge duplicates process for faster processing
- Added customer phone number to the Billing Address and Shipping Address details for Estimates, Orders, Invoices and POs
- Resolved an issue with the duplication of an Estimate
- Updated technician event layout in the Orders module to look like other event layouts
- Updated Orders iPad layout to allow for signature to be entered directly from the order
- Updated technician event subject line and display in the Calendar to provide more information about the appointment and customer
- Resolved issue where technician appointment fields would lock when trying to add a start date or start time
- Updated events to allow users to navigate to anything linked in the event window such as customers, projects, opportunities, etc. and ensure the event window will save and close 
- Updated event and activity windows to default to their resized value
- Resolved an issue where HTML formatted email would not import from all the HTML code from Outlook
- Updated POs module to allow user to send an email of the PO to the vendor or the customer
- Resolved an issue in Projects where the script trigger prevented users from selecting a Project or Project Item when the field was initially blank
- Removed functionality to send emails via WebDirect
- FM Go authentication updated to last for a minimum of 24 hours 
- Created shortcut to module list (CTRL+1) to allow for quick keyboard navigation
- Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

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