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I am in the process of converting from the Desktop version of Quickbooks to the Online version of Quickbooks.   In the process of updating the FileMaker code to work with the Online version of the Connector plugin I have run into only one issue.  I can't figure out the appropriate FileMaker steps/syntax to send data to a custom field when adding an invoice.   

The Developer Guide that came with the plug-in is little help.   It states that to send data to custom fields you need to use a related record with the CustomField object.   When I use "CustomField" as the "Type" property in the PCQO_RqAddRelatedRecord function,  it returns an error stating that it's an invalid related record type.

Unfortunately,  the Developer Guide offers no examples of setting CustomFields.  Instead,  it states that I can pay Productive Computing to help due to the complexity of Custom Fields.    In this case,  I simply want to set a field named "P.O. Number" to a number.  Nothing complex about it.   Does anyone know the appropriate FileMaker steps/syntax to use to do this simple thing?

It turns out that it must have been a bug in the plug-in and I didn't realize they put a new version of the plug-in out at the end of December.  So,  version fixed or added the ability to set Custom Fields.    I downloaded that version and it is no longer throwing an error when I use "CustomField" as the "Type" property in the PCQO_RqAddRelatedRecord function.


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