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Is there a way to connect to the QBO sandbox url instead of the normal url?


Quickbooks used to offer a one year developer license that you could use to connect to a normal QBO account.  It seems that is now connecting to a sandbox account that uses a different url than the normal accounts.  Is it possible to use this sandbox account with the plug in?

Paul Dacanay:
The plug-in is only able to connect with an actual QuickBooks Online account. So, we suggest setting up a QuickBooks Online "trial/testing" account for development.

In the v2 plugin, for Macs, you may now specify whether to use a Developer's Sandbox company in the BeginSession call.
Per page 8 of the Developer's guide...

PCQO_BeginSession( optSandbox ) function, passing either “true” if connecting to a Sandbox
QuickBooks Online company, or “false” if connecting to a Live QuickBooks Online company.

Also: I'm not seeing this documented anywhere, but the Windows 64 version also allows the option to connect with the Sandbox while doing a BeginSession call.


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