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Duplication of records
« on: July 08, 2014, 08:53:59 PM »
I notice in Core3, the ability to duplicate a record is not there.  In my old FMP database, I entered in the primary contact in the company record.   In Core3, you must separate the company from the individual and list them as a linked contact. i.e. double entry, made worse by the inability to copy over all the main data; address phone etc.  Most duplicates would be employees of a company, therefore an ability to "Add linked record" for an employee with all the companies details would be a time saver.  After all, isn't this why we use computers and databases?

Brett Curtis
Master Window Cleaners
Perth, Western Australia
Brett Curtis
Master Window Cleaners
Perth, Western Australia

Paul Dacanay

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Re: Duplication of records
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2014, 10:57:12 AM »
The Core3 was designed to be "Contact and/or Company-centric", meaning all records ultimately link to either another contact or company record.

This allows an unlimited number of individuals (contacts) to be linked to any company, and vice versa, since all contacts/companies are in fact separate records within the database. The same goes for addresses and phone numbers, web site addresses, and email addresses.

Since companies (or individuals) could have multiple addresses, phone numbers, web sites or email addresses, that information is separately stored (and uniquely linked) to company or contact records, allowing contacts or companies to have an unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers, web sites or email addresses.

When duplicating any contact or company record in the Core3, only the "core" level details are duplicated (i.e., Contact Type, General Notes, etc.).

Since you have a site license for the Core3, you can modify the Core3 to meet your specific needs. Please note that since the address, phone, etc. "auto-copy" feature was not built into the Core3, it would require custom development/programming from an experienced FileMaker Developer. If you do not have a FileMaker developer available to assist with this, we have certified FileMaker Developers on staff who can help.

You can request customer FileMaker development assistance via this link:

Thanks for using the Core3 !