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Address Book Manipulator Available


Rachel Castillo:
Address Book Manipulator for Mac is now available.

Plug-in improvements and modifications include:
- Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite in addition to 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9. 
- Added new functionality to provide the ability to handle Social Profiles and Instant Messaging (IM) addresses
- Expanded support for foreign language special characters
- Resolved issues with Subgroup functions, CountryCode data, registration and more
- Updated to resolve an issue where multiple attempts to call the PCAB_GetFirstSubgroupID function incorrectly returned "END"
- Updated to resolve an issue where calling "CountryCode" pulled data from "Country" instead
- Updated to resolve an issue where calling PCAB_GetListOfValues with a mix of company and individual records resulted in a blank value where the Company Name would be expected
- Updated to resolve an issue where the plug-in would unregister when disconnected from the internet prematurely

Enhancement and updates to the Address Book Manipulator Demo include:
- Restructured flow of the demo file to include Address Book / Contacts "Group" handling
- Added functionality to pull Groups and group members from Address Book / Contacts
- Added functionality to add or modify Groups to Address Book / Contacts
- Added functionality to manage group members (contacts or other groups)
- Added functionality to manage contact social profiles and instant messaging (IM) address information
- Updated to resolve an issue where the Demo file would periodically return an operating mode of "unlicensed" when licensed

For more information please visit to download a product demo, view the tutorial videos or download the updated Developerís Guide and Functions Guide.

The Address Book Manipulator starts at $74.95 for a single user.  Existing Address Book Manipulator customers may purchase an upgrade of this new release at a 35% discount. If you have purchased the plug-in within the last 30 days, then you will qualify for a free upgrade.


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