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BeginSession: External component has thrown an exception


'Just started using the version of the online plugin and when I run the PCQO_BeginSession function, the following error comes up:
    External component has thrown an exception.

Other clues:
    PCQO_SGetXML("Response") = !!ERROR!!
    PCQO_SGetStatus = Session not started or authenticated.

The plugin seems to have registered correctly but it will not cause QBO to bring up it's authorization page.  When I revert back to the version, the BeginSession/Authorization process works as expected.

What can I try to get around this?
Or: is the next version coming out soon? (Should I just wait for that?)

Rachel Castillo:
A new version of the plug-in was released today to resolve the Begin Session issue. 

Please visit to download the version


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