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After a period of time, when you are logged into Core4, the system times out and you have to log back in.   I experience it on both my MAC and PC; no matter where I am (home, office, friends house, public WIFI).

What is this time, and can it be modified?  I am in the process of putting together a manual for new employees, and would like to include this.

Sue Smith
SeaHold LLC

Jerel Malong:
Hi Susan,

I am assuming when you open up FileMaker, you receive some splash screens as well from our plug-ins? If so, that is the reason for the time out. The demo license for the plug-in is only "active" for 2 hours before it times out and forces you to restart FileMaker. If you have a purchased, full license, simply register the plug-in to remove the demo restriction. You may want to contact our support team for direct assistance. (760)510-1200.


We have no plug ins for our MAC side, and only the "Outlook Manipulator" for the PC side.   Both "time out" after a period of inactivity.  Is this configurable (the time out) by a system administrator?  It is quite frustrating, especially for our users who are out in the field.

I've attached a snapshot of the error box:

Rachel Castillo:
Hi Sue,

The time out is a Core4 system security setting that is not able to be modified. 
The limits for the time out settings will vary depending upon how the Core4 is accessed and other factors.  The system connectivity could be impacted by a computer going into sleep mode or by a power saving mode.  If there is any disruption in the internet connection either via LAN, WIFI or cellular service, the user will need to reconnect and re-enter their username and password.
Core4 via FileMaker desktop (hosted by Productive Computing) 12 hours
The desktop version of Core4 will remain active the longest, but will time out after 12 hours of idle time. 

Core4 via WebDirect 30 minutes idle
Since this is a web based application, the system will timeout after 30 minutes of idle time.  This is to limit issues with concurrency and provide security for a web based application. 

Core4 via FileMaker Go 10 minutes idle
Since this is a mobile application, the system will timeout after 10 minutes of idle time.  This is to limit issues with concurrency and provide security for a mobile application.  The FileMaker Go idle time can be increased if necessary.
If you are experiencing timeouts outside of these parameters, please contact us for troubleshooting at or 760-510-1200.   



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