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FM Books Connector Online Now Available


Rachel Castillo:
FM Books Connector Online for Windows is now available with the following updates:

- Updated to Intuit’s new v3 QuickBooks Online REST API SDKs
- Added two new functions PCQO_SSaveSessionInfo and PCQO_SLoadSessionInfo( SessionInfoString ) to allow the ability to share a single authentication session across multiple machines with custom scripting.  See sample script in Developer’s Guide.
- Added new response field "CountResult" that will return the number of entities counted by a "count(*)" query operation.  See sample Counting Entities script in Developer's Guide.
- Added new request field "SparseUpdate" that determines whether the update will be a "Complete" or Sparse" update. 
- Updated PCQO_RsGetFirstFieldValue to handle "LinkedTxn::TxnId" and "LinkedTxn::TxnType" appropriately
- Updated error handling for error codes “0” and “-990”
- Updated Developer’s Guide
- Updated Functions Guide
- Updated Migration Guide

Please visit for more information!

Intermediate to advanced FileMaker experience required to integrate this plug-in.


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