Author Topic: Print setup, restore or not. Win server 2008  (Read 1305 times)


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Print setup, restore or not. Win server 2008
« on: August 11, 2014, 10:49:51 PM »
A few questions I hope you can help with.
Unfortunately the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable creates some problems on the  Win Server 2008 so we have to use PC Change Printer instead. We have to use FMP 8.5 (I know it's an old one)
This has worked ok in the present printing on different printers. Every printer (a4 & Label) prints out from each database  (labels  from Labels.fp7  and a4-prints from each own file).
This worked fine up til now.
Now I have to use multiple printers in each file - like 2 different labelprinters from Labels.fp7.
This has given some problems where the prints comes out on almost random printers.
I suspect that it could be related to the script where I have a Print (Restore).

The script basically:
Set variable ($$QuickPrinter;LabelRecords::QuickPrinter)
Commit records/Requests (No dialog)
Set field  LabelRecords::QuickPrintStatus; PCCP_ChangePrinter($$QuickPrinter; 0)
Print (Restore; No dialog)

The restore (Print) is settings from the original labelprinter but it sometimes work on the new labelprinter and sometimes not.
It's 2 Zebra label-printers, different models

Do you have any recommendations beside upgrating to vers 4?
What are the recommendations about using restore in print or not?

Another question about pausing:
Could it be related to that the new printer is on another LAN, connected over VPN. Theres no problems in "seeing" the printer and print to it. It's  on another location so the ping-time is greater.
Do you recommend to implement a pause before the Print-dialog so FMP 8.5/PC Change Printer will have some extra time to connect?