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FYI: two typos in Developer Guide


It would appear that on page 16 of the "March 18, 2014" version of the Developers_Guide_FM_BooksConnectorOnline document there are two typos:
Instead of...
PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue("DetailType"; "SalesLineItemDetail")

They should read...
PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue("DetailType"; "SalesItemLineDetail")

The demo file is correct!

- Edited to remove an errant quote

Jerel Malong:
Thank you for pointing this out. I will pass this information along to our products team.


Also: on page 15 going into page 16, the CustomerRef and BillingAddress information is included before the line information.  'Not sure how much it matters because I haven't tried it, but the ESR shows that this customer information should come after the line information. 

Maybe it does work before too?

One more typo on page 15 apparently...
    PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue("CustomerRef::name"; "Bob Jones")

In my testing, it seems that name references to related elements simply do not work.  Instead the Customer's Id needs to be referenced.  The ESR is vague about this detail.  But the PC demo file does use an Id reference.  So, instead the Developer's Guide should read something like:
    PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue("CustomerRef::Value"; "11")  // Or whatever the QB Id is for Bob Jones.

For developer readers:
- make sure that "Value" is capitalized
- the returned QB error is vague if you make the mistake of referencing a name rather than an Id.  I've been getting:
    "Ids service endpoint was not found"


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